Whether your lease is almost over or you have a leased vehicle you no longer need, you are likely in a position for us to PAY you to get out of your lease, or not return your lease to the manufacturer! If your lease is nearly up, or you're ready for a change, we are happy to assist with getting you into a new lease as well.

We handle all makes and models, and offer door to door service. We're currently paying up to $10,000 over lease payoffs (manufacturer dependent) so there is no better time than now.

We're Car Dealers, Not Brokers

Leasing Theory is not another leasing brokerage. As automotive dealers for over thirty years, we're legally able to buy, sell, and lease vehicles. As a consumer, this means that you're now dealing with a company that is in control and able to actually transact with you, not just act as a mediator. This means cutting out a middle man and putting more money into YOUR pocket!


We Give Back

Since October 2021 our company has donated over $65,000 to charitable causes. For each leased vehicle taken in and each new vehicle leased we donate $250 to a charitable cause. United Hatzalah, The Jewish Federation, and St Judes Childrens Hospital are three examples of organizations we've made a huge impact with!


We've got the BEST Team!

Our highly experienced team will make the process so simple and smooth you'll wonder how you ever worked with anyone else. Our team members are committed to ensuring you have an experience unlike any other. They are both efficient and effective. Want references? We've got plenty!


We've Got The Cars!

When you're powered by a company that moves thousands of cars annually you get perks that others just don't. Simple as that! Leasing Theory gets preferential treatment with many manufacturers, ensuring you get the best deal possible. We also offer a wide variety of pre owned vehicles which are available for purchase or finance.